President  Xu Mingqi

Prof. Xu Mingqi, President of SIES, with Prof. Ludger Kühnhardt, Director of ZEI and Advisor of SIES


President: Professor Xu Mingqi, born in Shanghai in 1953, got his B.A. of English Language Major from the Foreign Languages Department of Xiamen University, and his Ph.D. of Economics from the Major of Studies on World Economy, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. He made post-doctorate researches and worked as a visiting scholar in West Ontario University, Canada, and Harvard University, U.S. He also works as a non-resident research fellow for the Institute of Economic Studies, Hamburg, Germany, a non-resident professor for the Leiden University, Holland, a non-resident senior researcher for the Luxembourg Institute of European and International Studies, and a visiting professor for the Seoul National University, South Korea. Now he is president of the Shanghai Institute for European Studies, vice president of the Chinese Association of European Studies, vice president of the Association for European Economic Studies, managing councilor and deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Association of Studies on World Economy, director of Center for European Studies, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. He is a senior research fellow of international economics and academic tutor for Ph.D. candidates.
His major research interests include: European economy and finance, European economic integration, international economics, international finance, theories of money and banking, and regional monetary and financial integration.
His major monographs: European Integration and Europe-Asia Relations, International Finance, China's Financial Restructure in Its Process of Deepening Market Construction, Competitions and Cooperation: Report on the Utilization of FDI in the Yangtze River Delta, Economies of Big Powers, Economically Powerful States, etc.
He has published over 40 academic papers and treatises, including: the European Debt Crisis and the Defects of the ECB System, the Sovereign Debt Crisis of Euro Zone, Euro, and the European Economies, Global Financial Crisis and European Economic Dilemma, the Influences of Global Financial Crisis over the Global Service Trade, the Reforms of the International Financial System: New Problems and New Breakthroughs, Global Absorption of Liquidity Surplus: Complex Post-Crisis External Environment and the Options for China's Economic Policies. He also published over 100 articles in various journals, magazines, and newspapers.
His recent academic papers written in English are as follows:
“The Role of Macroeconomic Policy in China’s High Economic Growth amidst the Global financial Crisis”, Seoul Journal of Economics Vol.23, No.1, 2010 ;
“Maintaining International Financial Stability: The Euro’s Role as a Key International Currency, in EU-China Global Players in a Complex World, eds. By Michael Gehler and Xuewu Gu, Geoge Olms Verlag 2011.
“Shanghai international Financial Centre: Achievements and Challenges”, Soogil Young edited Competition among Financial Centers in Asia-Pacific published by ISEAS, 2009
“How to Reform the International Financial System?”Dialogue on Globalization DoG Briefing Paper No. 11, September, 2009
“Perspectives Are Bright for China’s Economic Growth to Remain Strong”, China & US Focus. April 12, 2012, (
“Will a Common Development Bank Benefit the BRICS?”, China & US Focus, April 28, 2012, (
“BRICS Summit Shapes Emerging Powers Responses to Global Challenges”, China & US Focus April 14, 2011,
“Long-term Implications and Effects of US Sovereign Credit Downgrade” China & US Focus ,August 16, 2011

 Former President Wu Yikang

Former President: Wu Yikang, Professor of Economics, Academic Tutor for Ph.D. Candidates. He is former president of SIES, former director of the Institute for Studies of World Economy, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, former deputy director of teaching affairs, Fudan University, and former managing deputy head of the Bureau of Higher Education, Shanghai Municipality. Now he is honorary president of the Chinese Association of EU Studies. His major research interests include: European integration, China-EU relations, and world economy.


 Honorary President Dai Bingran

Honorary President: Dai Bingran, Professor of Economics, Academic Tutor for Ph.D. Candidates. He is former president of SIES, and former director of Center for European Studies, Fudan University. Now he is honorary director of Center for European Studies, Fudan University, deputy director of Nordic Studies Center of Fudan University, and president of the Chinese Association of EU Studies. He is also one of the three Chinese professors who were granted the honorary title of Jean Monnet Chair Professor by EU for the first time in China.


List of Vice Presidents: (in the Alphabetic Order of Pinyin)

Prof. Ding Chun, Director of Center for European Studies, Fudan University

Prof. Liu Jun, Dean of School of Advanded International and Area Studies, East China Normal University

Prof. Yang Fengmin, Director of Institute of European Studies, East China University of Science and Technology 

Prof. Ye Jiang, Researcher of Shanghai Institutes for International Studies

Prof. Zheng Chunrong, Vice Dean of School of Political Science and International Relations and Director of Center for German Studies, Tongji University



Dr.Yang Haifeng, Associate Research Fellow of Center for Chinese-European Relations, Institute of International Studies, Fudan University



Dr. Cao Ziheng, Shanghai Institute for Euroepan Studies


Deputy Secretaries-General:

Prof. Dai qixiu, Center for European Union Studies, Shanghai International Studies University

Prof. Shang Yuhong, Vice Director of Institute of Foreign Economy and Trade, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics

Prof. Zhang Yinghong, Director of Center for Euroepan Studies, Shanghai Institutes for International Studies 



Cao Deming, Former President of Shanghai International Studies University 

Feng Shaolei, Director of Center for Russian Studies at East China Normal University 

Li Lezeng, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Deutschland-Studien Li Lezeng

Mei Zhaorong, Former Chinese Ambassador to Germany Mei Zhaorong

Pan Shiwei, Former Vice Director-General of the Publicity Department of the CPC Shanghai Committee

Pan Guang, Vice-Chairman of Shanghai Center for International Studies 

Wang Xiaoshu, Former Executive Vice President of Shanghai People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries 

Wu Yikang, Former Director of Institute of World Economy at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

Yang Guoqiang, Former Chinese Ambassador to Latvia 

Ludger Kühnhardt, Professor and Director of the Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI) at the University of Bonn 


Honorary Advisor:

Dr.Ujhelyi IstvanMember of European Parliament


Directors of Sections:

Dr.Xin Hua, Director of Section of Academic Research, Deputy Director of Center for European Union Studies, Shanghai International Studies University




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